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Natural is better.

Approved for use on food and feed crops, Guard 'n Spray is safe for ornamentals, home gardens, greenhouse crops, and anywhere else you may have insect issues. It’s been developed using all food grade active ingredients, so Guard 'n Spray is an extremely safe method for treating and controlling plant pests and fungal diseases such as spider mites, broad mites, aphids, fungus gnats, white flies, beetles, thrips, powdery mildew, and downy mildew. 


 Control Common Fungi and Pests.


How it works: 

Guard 'n Spray contains botanical oils which plant pests consume. Upon consumption of Guard 'n Spray's active ingredients, plant pests cease to digest needed proteins causing them to starve. While Guard 'n Spray is stopping the pest’s digestion of the proteins needed for survival it is concurrently coating and asphyxiating the exoskeleton by clogging the organism's spiracles, or breathing tubes. As the plant pest is starving and suffocating, Guard 'n Spray's other active ingredients are simultaneously desiccating the plant pest's exoskeleton. 

When treating and controlling plant pests in the larvae stage Guard 'n Spray should be diluted and drenched (watered) into the soil or growing media where the larvae live. Guard 'n Spray’s active ingredients also kill and control fungi by drying out their reproductive portions and stopping both sexual and asexual reproduction. 


Highly Concentrated For Commercial Use

  • 1oz of Guard 'n Spray makes 1 Gallon of insecticide. 

  • Safe for use in foggers, atomizers, and aerosol generators. 

  • No reentry time. 

  • OMRI Listed. 


Easy to Use.

All Natural.



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